We are Life On Mars,
your no-nonsense
e-commerce scaling agency.

We help brands and e-commerce owners optimize their stores, advertise profitably online, and increase customer retention to eventually generate the revenue every passionate business owner dreams of.

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Our service & methodology

online store
optimization (or creation)

Haven't started selling your amazing products online and you need a website for it? We've got you covered! An optimized online store created and developed with guidance of the guys (us) who'll help you get sales after you're ready to go... how you like the sound of that?

Already up and running? Let's just double check then if all the necessary stuff is in place to make your potential customer actaully trust you and convert.

facebook & instagram
advertising for e-commerce

Our milky way, our passion and our holy grail. We're data-nerds who're passionate about making your e-commerce story successful and future-proof through social media advertising.

backend email & sms
to increase customer retention

They told us (and probably you) over and over... it's easier to make an existing customer purchase again vs. finding new ones, so why wouldn't we maximize the chance of scaling your customer lifetime value to the moon? Email & SMS marketing is your vehicle to do so.

Ad content

We call content 'the nourishment' for our advertisements. People like visuals so we love to fulfill their desire by showing your amazing products in the way that speaks to their emotions the most.


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Return on ad spend of 4.57 in their first month


profitable from
day one


monthly roas of up to 2.9


27% Profit in first month


1000+ leads with a potential revenue of +5k each

*This is probably the simplest video we ever created. Don't be fooled by over professional productions, video's that look like your grandma recorded them with her iPad might work best for your business!


€112k revenue in the first month with 20% profit

Gebruik je nieuwe kennis vervolgens om je webshop te doen groeien en de resultaten te behalen waar je altijd van droomde...

Meer dan €100.000 omzet in net iets meer dan één maand tijd.

Meer dan €460.000 omzet in iets meer dan 6 maanden

Meer dan €22.000 omzet in de eerste maand

Meer dan €46.000 omzet in de eerste 2 maanden

Stabiel meer dan $20.000 omzet per maand

*alle resultaten van beginnende shops zijn na enkele weken grondige voorbereiding en optimalisatie voor lancering.