our system builds solid foundations and scales e-commerce businesses in 90 days

our system builds solid foundations and scales
e-commerce businesses in 90 days.

💊 guaranteed results

💰 5 years of expertise

📣 over €1M/$1M adspend

foundation + scaling

At LIFEONMARS we take the full approach. Our first 90 days of working together is an intense trajectory where we will lay the foundations, setup your content creation system, launch your ads, and eventually scale to the moon… or should we say Mars?

0 excuses, we literally make sure every crucial aspect to succeed is fully optimized.


We onboard you on an attribution system to get a better understanding of where your sales are really coming from.

2.ad creatives

We help you setup a content creation system that easily generates the content you need to stay on top of your game in all of the advertising algorithms.

3. conversion rate optimization

We analyse your online store throughout the journey to see where your website needs improvements. Our devs apply our findings to increase your conversion rate and ROI.

4. advanced scaling

We create flow by generating peaks in your sales. This way we skyrocket revenue and increase your sales consistency with every peak.

5. backend scaling

We optimize your backend to increase winback and retention through email & SMS marketing.


We value long term business relationships based on our 3 core values.


We don’t focus on vanity metrics that only sound nice. The only thing we generate for your online store is pure revenue, growth and a great experience.


Always ready to have a quick chat and clear reporting. Personal conversations, not just a dashboard where you have to figure everything out yourself.


Keep your peace of mind and keep doing business with passion. You create a great product for your customer and we make sure it serves the right ones.


Look… we know how you feel… Why? Because we actually own e-commerce businesses ourselves! As a LIFEONMARS customer you benefit from the unique advantage that we know the ins and outs of running an e-commerce business and can therefore apply them to your story.


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